For your Vacation Rental

And What Exactly is a Vacation Rental?

As a Licensed Real Estate Broker specializing in both long and short-term (vacation) Property Management, MSM Properties has a clear and basic goal: Simplify the life of You, the Landlord we represent, while providing you a steady income from your property.

  • We do everything you would choose to do yourself in maintaining your rental property, without the stress. All funds are managed through our Trust Account in a legal manner, never co-mingled. We comply with NC Statutes, and the Landlord-Tenant Act.
  • We begin by providing you a written Management Agreement that spells out all obligations between you, the Landlord/Owner, and MSM Properties as your Manager.
  • We have a great network of local and internet advertising, as well as referrals from past and present clients and other local Realtors. VRBO and the HomeAway Family is our primary chosen internet advertising venue, proven successful with our clients. While we set up, oversee and maintain this site for you, we ask the owner to pay the yearly cost charged by VRBO. You can see your calendar and book your own vacation time in advance, through us. We work with you to assure that your web site listing appears just as you want it too, and that all prices charged are agreeable to you.
  • We collect all taxes (local and State) for you, from the prospective Guest, in advance, as well as a security deposit. We arrange cleanings by our 5-Star Cleaning Team, and that includes back-toback rentals. We handle all the scheduling, so there is no stress for you.
  • Rent is paid to us by the Guests, is processed by MSM Properties and then deposited directly into our Landlord’s bank account, as earned, less approved expenses. For this service together with the remainder of the services described below, we charge a flat 20% per rental, based upon rents collected before added costs for cleaning and taxes (paid by Guests).
  • We have experienced and approved licensed and insured vendors for any and all home maintenance and repairs that might be needed. We arrange and pay for repairs as required, upon approval of Landlord, and pay bills from rents collected prior to monthly distribution of income to you, the Landlord.
  • We are flexible and work to meet Owner/Landlord requirements and requests. We recognize that no two properties are exactly the same and we welcome your ideas and input.
  • Most Everything is done and provided on line for added efficiency. All our Owners have private portals to view as convenient. Our regular Statements include copies of all invoices for your tax purposes, making it easy for you at the end of the year. We are always available by phone, by text, in person or by email for support and to answer your questions.
  • We perform property inspections regularly and work with you to maintain your home in a condition in which you can always be proud. MSM Properties chooses to build its reputation based on quality service and clean, comfortable properties for that perfect vacation experience.
  • We do all paperwork in accordance with NC Real Estate Law; including bookkeeping and Leases; and we provide a year-end 1099 income form for your taxes. For further information, call MSM Properties 828-421-4587