Long-Term Rental Property Management
(defined as rental periods over 90 days)

As a Licensed Real Estate Broker specializing in both long and short-term (vacation) Property Management, MSM Properties has a clear and basic goal: Simplify the life of each Landlord we represent while providing you a steady income from your property.

· We do everything you would choose to do yourself in maintaining your rental property, without the stress.   All funds are managed through our Trust Account in a legal manner, never co-mingled.   We comply with NC Statutes, and the Landlord-Tenant Act.

· We begin by providing you a written Management Contract that spells out all obligations between you, the Landlord/Owner, and MSM Properties as your Manager.

· We have a great network of local and internet advertising, as well as referrals from past and present clients and other local Realtors, in order to place a qualified Tenant in your home.   For this specific service of finding and placing a Tenant for you, with one-year’s Lease, we charge a one-time fee of ½ of the first month’s rent.

· Upon Tenant Application, a thorough background check is performed and references are called.  Proof of Tenant’s Insurance must be provided; or we will provide the Tenant with liability insurance through a reputable company for which the tenant will pay.   To further protect your interest, we always collect a substantial security deposit from our Tenants.

 · Rent is paid to us by the Tenants, is processed by MSM Properties and then deposited directly into the Landlord’s bank account automatically each month.   For this service together with the remainder of the following services described below, we charge 10% monthly based upon rents collected.

· We have great licensed and insured vendors for any and all home maintenance and repairs that might be needed.   We arrange and pay for repairs as required, upon approval of Landlord, and pay bills from rents collected prior to monthly disbursement of income to you, the Landlord.

· We are flexible and work to meet Owner/Landlord requirements and requests. We recognize that no two properties are exactly the same.

· Everything is done and provided on line for added efficiency.   Both Owners and Tenants have private Portals to view as convenient.  We are always available by phone, by text, in person or by email for support and to answer your questions.

· We perform property inspections and drive-bys. Outside maintenance is often built into Leases.

· We do all paperwork as required by law; including bookkeeping and Tenant Leases; and we provide a year-end 1099 income form for your taxes.

For further information, call MSM Properties 828-421-4587.