To File A Complaint

Whether the complaint comes from the public or another REALTOR®:

  1. Contact the Association office: 828-837-5297 or
  2. Your complaint will be documented and dated.
  3. The first recommendation is MEDIATION or OMBUDSMAN services where a trained and impartial third party will contact the complainant and the respondent (usually by phone) in an effort to resolve the misunderstanding.  If this service is accepted and issue is resolved, no further steps are necessary.  This is scheduled by Board staff.
  4. If these services are rejected or unsuccessful then a formal complaint can be filed by filling out the appropriate form found in the NAR Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual, citing the specific Article/s of the Code that have been violated.  The Manual is available on the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) website or the latest edition of the book is in the Board office for review/research and to make copies of the appropriate forms.  For the public, we can request a member of the Grievance Committee to assist inf illing our the form/s.  The appropriate forms that detail the Article/s of the Code that were violated and other documentation is presented to the Grievance/Citation Panel for their review to decide if there is just cause to proceed.
  5. MLBOR approved a Citation and Schedule of Fees in 2015 for the more common Complaints.  The Panel may first issue a fine to the respondent as spelled out in this schedule and may also require additional education on a particular subject.  This is presented to the repsondent who can accept the fine and/or education, or they can request to proceed to a full hearing.  IF the violation is not covered by the Citation Schedule of fines and is judged warranting it then the Grievance/Citation Panel may recomment proceeding to a Hearing.
  6. Necessary forms and The Professional Standards Hearing process is spelled out in detail in the Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual.


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