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Desire Realty
5502 71ST ST
Phone: (806)412-0075
Fax: (866)316-9681
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Why use a Realtor?
  • Knowledge and Experience in Local Markets 
  • Access to multiple properties no matter the listing brokerage. 
  • Ability to show "ANY" property no matter the listing brokerage.
  • Guidance in the right direction to obtain financing.
  • Eagerness to answer any and all questions.
  • These are just a few attributes that a Realtor brings to the table.  

10 Steps to Home Ownership:

#1: Are You Ready?

#2: Get a REALTOR

#3: Get Loan Pre-Approval

#4: Look at Homes

#5: Choose a Home

#6: Get Funding

#7: Make an Offer

#8: Get Insurance

#9: Closing

#10: Move-In