Brazoria County Board of Realtors was originally organized January 15, 1957. It's charter members were:

Polleye Beacroft
Joe Rowland
C. R. Davis
Louis Sauer
Bob Jordan
Doris Hauiter
Herman Davis
Jim Crews

The Board was organized to try and drive out the operators (those people operating without a Real Estate License) and regain the people's trust in Realtors. Also to establish guidelines.

The first meeting was held in Joe Rowland's office. Mrs. Beacroft said that meetings were held in individuals Real Estate offices. Mrs. Beacroft set up a room in her office for the meetings and then as it grew they began meeting at different eating places.

The Board took a long time to be organized because too few people were interested in organizing the Board. No one wanted to be confined by a license. No one wanted to pay the dues.

The Texas Board had been organized quite some time before the Brazoria Board came in to being. The State really could not enforce licensing until the Board was organized.

The Board eventually overcame the image the operators had given Realtors by advertising and projecting a new image. The Board was then able to push out illegal operators. Also, the Board had assistance from the community. Dow Chemical, for instance, would recommend only Realtors to their personnel.