Loving Pet Inn Adoptions was organized in 2010 as a not-for-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization. LPIA is an all volunteer based non-profit that receives no funding from the state, county, or city.  We operate solely on individual / corporate donations, fund-raising events and awarded grants.  94% of all monies goes towards the care of the animals and financial aid for spay/neuter.

LPIA rescues abandoned, breeder, puppy mill and shelter dogs, takes care of their medical and rehabilitation needs and adopts them to stable, loving homes. We strive to find the best possible match for the pets in our care. We also promote and provide spay/neuter assistance to the community. Spay/neuter is the ONLY answer to the pet overpopulation problem.
Recurring Events

  • Waggin' Wild 5K Rescue Run-Walk is held the first Saturday in March.  Mark you calendars!
  • LPIA, along with Animal Rescue and Foster, collects new and gently used shoes, pocketbooks, bags etc year around.  Twice a year they hold a big sale!  Please save and donate your extras! http://bit.ly/collectshoesOur next PURSE AND SHOE SALE is FEBRUARY 9 & 10, 2018!  Come see us!


There is never a shortage of pets in need of help and we remain assiduous in our efforts to help as many as we can.

We kicked off 2017 by meeting an unlikely pair.  Harvey was an elderly little dog spending his days lonely in a small outdoor lot.  He had a painful tumor on his leg that was left untreated and caused him to constantly fall down.  Sassy Cat was a feral cat, another statistic of an up-spayed female.  Sassy didn’t have a friend in the world...until she happened upon Harvey..They became inseparable and Sassy Cat moved into Harvey’s little lot to help keep him warm.  We were contacted about this odd couple and agreed to take them both into rescue.  We had Harvey’s tumor removed and for the first time in a long time, he was able to run and play.  Sassy Cat blossomed by simply receiving love from humans and learning to live inside.  After some time, they both were adopted into wonderful forever homes!


We do our best to make a difference.  In the first 3 quarters of 2017, we took in 87 dogs and cats that were headed to the county shelter.  These were strays that no one was looking for, or pet surrendered by their owners for a variety of reasons.  The reasons are always sad and typically no fault of the pet: divorce, terminal illness, domestic violence and the list goes on.  These pets were once loved by their owners and face a traumatic and confusing time when being surrendered.  We take solace in knowing that we provide these sad souls a kind hand, a soft and warm bed, and the chance to find  a loving, permanent home they deserve once again.

In 2018, we know we will face the same issues that have plagued us in all the years past, and we will keep doing what we do best.