What is RPAC?


Your Best Investment In Real Estate A key component of the REALTOR® Party is the REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC). The sole purpose of RPAC is a simple goal: To help elect real estate-friendly candidates to public office.

RPAC backs candidates who understand and support the interests of North Carolina REALTORS®, regardless of a candidate's party affiliation. RPAC backs candidates in primary, general, run-off and deficit elections.

RPAC is effective because it allows REALTORS® to work with all parties to enact legislation that protects the real estate industry, current and future homeowners, the real estate-based economy and property rights. Not only is RPAC the most nonpartisan political action committee in the nation--it is the most successful.


REALTORS® must be politically active. If not, who will take on the responsibility of protecting the values and rights we hold dear? Be assured that someone will - someone  who may not value wise business planning and could threaten property owners and their rights. If REALTORS® do not speak out, get involved and help shape the discussion, someone else will. No one knows a community better than a REALTOR®.

REALTORS® know the lay of the land, the families, the best schools, the neighborhoods and the leaders of any given area. REALTORS® work in every city, county and community in the nation. REALTORS® are on the front line as defenders of real estate issues.


RPAC uses its financial resources to support candidates for Congress who both understand and support REALTOR® issues. RPAC looks to build the future by putting dollars in places that will help advance the interests of real estate Professionals. RPAC is the only political group in the country organized for REALTORS and run by REALTORS®. RPAC exists solely to further issues important to REALTORS®.


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