Want a list of Houses? Click here for partial list of Available Houses

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  • Want a Party House? or a Pre-Party House?
  • Want to enjoy the view from the roof of the house? or maybe sunbathe roof-top style?
  • Want to park in your yard?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then please don't even bother reading any further...we won't like each other!

We are looking for tenants that can respect the fact that this neighborhood is a combination of students, families and old folks. Not only is our office in the neighborhood, but we live here too...so we will also be your neighbors. That being said, we love Texas Tech and Tech students.

We have several great houses of all sizes to choose from. Some are new construction, some have undergone major renovation, some have simply been updated and a few are still just "classic"...but all (including the "classics") are functional, clean, well-maintained homes.  We maintain all the yards with weed spray 3 times/year and regular scheduled mowing & edging. We have in-house maintenance to address most maintenance issues that may arise and licensed vendors to handle plumbing, electrical, and heat & air. All of our houses are "smoke free" and most do not allow pets. 

Want a list of Houses? Click here for partial list of Available Houses


Again, the above link is only a partial list. The list often changes faster than we can add to the online site. So if you don't find what you want on the above list, come visit us:

The Tech Terrace Real Estate office is located at 2607 Boston Ave (26th & Boston). Come on by between 1:00 to 5:30 Monday - Saturday. Actually we are usually here earlier and almost always later, but those hours are guaranteed.

Need more info? Call or text Shawn @ 806-790-0211 or email shawn@TechTerrace.com

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Texas Tech Alumni Owned & Managed

Note: For the most part, apartments and duplex developments in Lubbock are basically "off-campus", coed dorms without the RA's to control the noise. If you get the disease (apartmentitis or duplexitis), Tech Terrace Real Estate is the cure. Need an apartmentectomy or a duplexectomy? Give us a call.

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