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Filing an Ethics Complaint or Request for Arbitration

It is the CODE OF ETHICS that separates REALTORS® from other licensees and we take enforcement of the Code very seriously.  The REALTOR Code of Ethics signifies the decision REALTORS make to commit themselves to honor and service.  Since 1913, the Code has grown in meaningfulness, value, a commitment to integrity and professionalism.Ethics complaints may be filed by REALTORS® or members of the public.

The Process
Ethics complaints serve to educate members as well as provide a disciplinary process when violations have occurred.  Any person having reason to believe that a member is guilty of any unethical conduct subject to disciplinary action may file a complaint in writing (see form below) with the Local Board/Association of REALTORS® that the member holds membership in.  It is the policy of the Southern Adirondack REALTORS® (local association) to offer Ombudsman and/or Mediation services prior to commencement of a formal hearing process.  There is no fee for Ombudsman or Mediation services.  These services are optional but have proven to be both effective and often can result in a more timely outcome. For Ombudsman or Mediation services call our Association Board Office at 518-798-3425 to request. Regarding mediation, any agreement signed by the parties following a successful mediation process shall be binding.


If you are interested in filing a Code of Ethics or Arbitration Complaint as set forth in the Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual of the National Association of REALTORS® here is some additional information that you may want to know before you file an ethics complaint.

Resources for Consumers & REALTOR® Members

Mediation Services - The Preferred Method of Dispute Resolution

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Ethics Complaint Forms

Arbitration Forms for Members & Non-members
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