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**Important Bulletin from the NY Dept. of State****   License renewal clarification The Department of State (DOS) has asked us to remind members about the proper way to answer the continuing education question on the online license renewal form. The question is whether the licensee has completed the required CE credit or if they are exempt. If the licensee has properly completed their CE requirements or is exempt from completing CE, he/she should answer “YES” to this question. Many of those who are exempt mistakenly answer “NO” and therefore an audit is immediately triggered. Unfortunately, licensees are often found to have gaps in licensure or are unable to prove continuous licensure, and thus lose their exemption from the required CE. It is up to the licensee to prove continuous licensure – the DOS does not maintain these records – READ THIS QUESTION CAREFULLY BEFORE RESPONDING!

Mandatory Education Requirements for New York State Real Estate License Renewals:
If your question is not answered by the information below, please see the NYS Division of Licensing Services FAQ for more information: Click here for NYS Division of Licensing Service FAQ

All Licensed Real Estate Salespeople & Brokers must complete 22.5 hours of CE training for every 2 year license renewal.  (See below for Grandfathering exemption) YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for keeping CE Certificates and tracking your CE Credits for license renewal. If you misplace a CE Certificate from a class you took, the school who delivered the class may charge a fee to issue another. 

NYS Requirements:

Mandatory Education Requirements  for REALTORS®

*IMPORTANT NOTICE!                                                                                                                                   

Removal of "Grandfathering Clause" for all NYS Real Estate Licensees AND Addition of NEW Required CE Topics for ALL Licensees

This new law affects all broker and salesperson license renewals that are DUE ON OR AFTER: 07-01-2021
If your license renewal date is  BEFORE 07-01-2021, then these changes will not affect you until the next renewal cycle.

Summary of required CE topics for all Broker & Salespersons (new additions are in bold italics) :

22.5 hours of CE must be taken no more than 24 mo. preceding your renewal date which is on or after 7-1-2021. The specific requirements of some of those CE hours are listed below:

OF the TOTAL 22.5 Hours required, the following 7.5 CE hours/topics must be included:

3 hours of Fair Housing

1 hour Law of Agency

2.5 hours of Business Ethics **(the NAR Code of Ethics taken for CE meets this criteria)

1 hour instruction on NYS real estate legal matters governing the practice of real estate brokers and salespersons which may include statutes, laws, regulations, codes, department of state opinions/decisions/courtcases.

Example: 22.5 CE Hours – 7.5 CE Hours (courses as above) = 15 additional CE hours needed of licensee’s choice. Can be obtained via any course taken which has been NYS approved for Real Estate CE (continuing education) credits.  SAR hosts multiple CE courses annually.

Please CLICK HERE to read the text of the law   Removal of Grandfathering Clause is at the bottom of the bill in red. (Section 2 lines 11-15)

NYSAR Education Resources

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