Basic Negotiating Skills for Today's Real Estate Professional
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Just imagine a Realtor® is in a situation where they want one thing, and their counterpart wants another.  What to do?  Challenge them to a duel?  Although dueling days are past (whew!), there is a way to find a solution–and that is through negotiation. This course examines the art of negotiation and what it can mean for a real estate professional when practiced correctly. It will help Realtors® determine what negotiation is and how they can use it to find a solution.In learning that negotiating is finding a suitable compromise while keeping the focus on what each party needs to get out of the situation, students will understand that negotiation is a valuable skill that can assist them in and out of work situations. Realtors® will learn about themselves to best understand how to negotiate with their clients. Best of all, it can help them earn more money and get the results they desire.
Objectives: After taking this class students will be able to:
•Provide an environment where the parties involved are aware of each other’s needs and are willing to work together
•Bring to a conclusion a negotiation where each participant leaves satisfied with results
•Explain merit-based negotiation and how beginning with a desired outcome improves the well-being of all participants
•List the five power positions and how each can be used in a specific negotiation to achieve the desired outcome
•Demonstrate six negotiating tactics that benefit the parties to the negotiation
Patricia Sherman is a fantastic Instructor
12/14/2021 8:30:00 AM to 12/14/2021 12:30:00 PM
4 W Park Avenue
Suite 1  Chiefland ,FL 32626
Robin Schwartz
FREC Course # 0007606
FREC Course # 0007606

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Patricia Sherman