2024 CMAS Meth In The Mountains 4.25 Elective 2CE
Education Course
Join us for this very important and dynamic class where you'll learn about the importance of understanding meth toxins in mountain homes. From meth awareness, to state regulations, and decontamination, this class is informative and important! 


Richie Frangiosa, ADV Mortgage
Laura Roberts, Chicago Title
Sam Glenn, Land Title 
Kate Higgins, BW Mortgage 

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR 2024: MMAR will be expanding its online/virtual platforms in 2024, to include Zoom and Google Meet. As we begin 2024, we will start with Zoom and begin transitioning most classes to Google Meet or similar platforms. We are also exploring education specific platforms like COX education. In addition to expanding our online education platforms,  we will also be growing our IN-PERSON locations. MMAR recognizes the areas where our REALTORS® live, eat, and do transactions. In an effort to help all our members have more in-person learning opportunities and area competencies, as well as work with more brokerages and local businesses, MMAR will be hosting classes in different locations throughout the year. Please take note of the online platform and location prior to registering for the course.

STARTING IN 2024. MMAR WILL NO LONGER ISSUE A REFUND OR CREDIT FOR ANY CLASS CANCELLATION RECEIVED WITHIN 48 HOURS OF THE CLASS BEGINNING.  IF A CLASS REGISTRATION CANCELLATION NOTICE IS RECEIVED BY LYNDEE LOUK OR SAM GLENN,  PRIOR TO THE 48 HOURS, MEMBER CAN CHOOSE TO HAVE THE FULL CLASS REGISTRATION FEE APPLIED, IN THE FORM OF A CLASS CREDIT, TO ANOTHER CLASS TAKEN IN THE SAME CALENDAR YEAR. OR, IF MEMBER WANTS A REFUND, A $5.00 CANCELLATION FEE  WILL BE DEDUCTED AND THE REFUND WILL BE MAILED VIA A CHECK FROM MMAR. FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY – MMAR HAS THE DISCRETION TO CREDIT THE CLASS WITHIN 48 HOURS OF THE CLASS BEGINNING, FOR ANOTHER CLASS TAKEN IN THE SAME CALENDAR YEAR. NO CANCELLATIONS RECEIVED WITHIN 48 HOURS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR A MONETARY REFUND – ONLY A CLASS CREDIT. Many instructors require a minimum number of registrants in order to keep course fees minimal and engaging.  Cancellations within 24 hours often affect the entire class, and MMAR asks that this be considered when registering for a class. Likewise, if you want to take a class, do not wait until the last minute to register. The more people who register when the class is released, the more likely the class will not be cancelled. In the event MMAR has to cancel a class, a full refund will be issued to registrants through Navica or via check. All class credits will be issued to the member via email as a receipt for the credit. The member is required to retain the receipt and respond to the email with a written request to use the credit toward another class in the same calendar year. MMAR will verify the credit receipt email through Navica and register the member in the new class using the credit. For any questions, please contact Lyndee Louk.
4/25/2024 8:00:00 AM to 4/25/2024 10:00:00 AM
Yellow House (Formerly the Senior Resource Center)
5120 County Hwy 73  Evergreen ,CO 80439
Lyndee Louk
Zoom/In Person
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