2022 CMAS Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems 8.24 Core
Education Course
DO NOT REGISTER ADDING A PLUS ONE (Or More) UNLESS YOU WANT TO PAY FOR THOSE TICKETS. This class is being offered in-person (highly recommended) and via zoom. Be sure to indicate whether you are taking this class in person or via zoom when you register. Click on your choice. 
Join us for this dynamic class, one of our most popular each year!Learn about septic systems, treatment of effluent waste, septic tanks and drain fields, effluent filters, types of septic systems, composting systems, secondary treatmemt systems, and county requirements.  CMAS Core 2 CE

Please note: Zoom link for all classes will go out 5 pm the day before, when registration closes. No refunds for any class once class has begun. Zoom Guidelines:  No driving while on zoom. Please limit your participation via zoom to what you would do if you're sitting in a classroom. You will need to be visible throughout the class for facial recognition. You need to be engaged only in the class, with a working camera, please. There will only be 20 seats in person and 40 zoom seats. Please don't park in front of Madison or Village Gourmet. 

Tim Petz - Professional Geologist
All Service Septic, LLC

(303) 908-7823

Erik Hamilton - Bio/Microbics FAST Technician and Field Engineer
All Service Septic, LLC

(303) 908-7823

Sponsored by Bill Hollis, Noble Tax Advisors
8/24/2022 10:00:00 AM to 8/24/2022 12:00:00 PM
Madison & Company
1193 Bergen Parkway  Evergreen ,CO 80439
Debbie Propeck
(303) 674-7020
Zoom/In Person
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Tim Petz & Erik Hamilton

All Service Septic