2019 CMAS Home Inspections in the Foothills, Local Inspector Panel - 9.17 Elective
Education Course
Listen to MMAR Affiliate members who are Home Inspection professionals as they discuss the issues that they face doing home inspections in the foothills. Topics addressed are what is included in a "typical" home inspection, how much does one cost (and the add-ons), what is the cost based on, what are the biggest issues with inspecting mountain properties, who should attend the inspection, etc. Bring your questions for this excellent panel!
Sponsored by Dan Smith, Northpointe Bank
9/17/2019 9:00:00 AM to 9/17/2019 11:00:00 AM
Bergen Park Fire Station - Classrooms
1802 Bergen Parkway  Evergreen ,CO 80439
Debbie Propeck
(303) 674-7020

Instructor Information

D Vogel, J Seidler, P Tatro, B Lotspeich

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