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A new lockbox policy is being implemented between May 1 and May 15, 2013.  Please see the link at the bottom of this page if you are not familiar with the change.  This page will be used to post the answer to questions as they come in to help everyone as they implement the policy change.

NRVAR Key/Lockbox Policy Change Frequently Asked Questions Sheet (FAQs)

1.    Can an inspector look up the listing agent on a website?
No, once a contract is changed to pending status it is no longer listed on REPUTABLE websites.  Please call the NRVAR office if you are in a pinch and need to know the listing agent.

2.    Can a listing agent refuse to give an inspector a CBS Code?
Yes, but please know that it is not because they do not wish to cooperate.  A new change in our Code of Ethics requires that offices have permission from the property owner in order to give inspectors and unlicensed assistants access to the property.  The owner may have decided to not give permission or the broker may decide that the office policy is to have the listing agent present at the inspection.

3.    Can someone at the NRVAR office provide an inspector a CBS Code?
No, the office staff is not familiar with the individual broker/office policies and will not know if authorization has been provided by the owner.

4.    Can you provide example language for how to get written authorization from the owner to allow inspectors and unlicensed assistants to have access to a property?
If you use the Roanoke forms the appropriate language is already included in the listing agreement.  If you do not use the Roanoke forms, you may want to add something like the statement below to your listing agreement and/or sales contract.  (Note you should consult your attorney when making changes to any of your legal documents.  This advice is not being provided by an attorney.) - We are working with VAR to get the VAR listing agreement to include the appropriate language.

Note that it is possible to get authorization in forms other than writing.  Please consult your attorney for advice on this matter.

5.    If I don't have permission already, do I need to go back and get permission to provide a CBS Code if I have a property that requires an inspection and the listing and sales agreement are already signed?
The absolutely correct answer is yes.  BUT....the association enforces the Code of Ethics and we will take into consideration that the policy is not fully implemented until May 15, 2013.  Most brokers will not be aware of the need for authorization until this policy change is reviewed.

6.    Why is the policy change  being implemented without REALTOR® input?
A workgroup of four NRVAR REALTOR® members reviewed all information and recommended the policy and best practices to the Board of Directors.  The board has eleven REALTOR® members.  This policy did have REALTOR® input.

7.    The instructions are for the office website, are there instructions for the agent's website?
The same information is available from the agent's website.  Please call the association office if you need assistance.

8.    Can the CBS Code be obtained using a DisplayKey or eKey?
The code is not available from the DisplayKey.  It is available using the eKey and following the instructions included on the link below. [Open Ekey > Inventory > Select the Box > It will be on the information screen that comes up.]

9.    When I go to the office website it says CBS Codes are turned "off", does that mean they will be turned "on" beginning May 1, 2013?
No, they will always be turned off.  Turning the codes "on" would mean that agents would also have to have the CBS Codes to show properties.  The inspector keys are being programmed as special affiliate keys that always require a CBS Code.

10.    How many affiliate members have keys? - - Eight

Lockbox Policy and CBS Code Instructions