Real Estate in Mountaintop Golf & Lake Club, Cashiers NC
Picture of Cabin

The fully furnished Cabins & Lodges at Mountaintop embrace the region’s indigenous nature through authentic materials and design, paying homage to the local craftsmen.  The rooms are cozy, inviting, and deeply comfortable.  Colors from the mountains, forest, and lakes are reflected throughout, creating a partnership with the natural environment.  Outdoor patios or decks add a unique extension of the living space and if the optional stone fireplace is added, the space becomes an extended gathering place for friends and family.

Mountaintop offers 4 Cabin floor plans to choose from – The Poplar, Chestnut, Laurel, and Spruce.  The cabins offer a two or three level living space which include open living/dining spaces and private bathrooms for each bedroom. Second level bedrooms are reminiscent of cabins of the past that include sloped ceilings and dormer windows, making each room truly unique.

The Lodges offer a more generous interior with additional room to accommodate your dining experience, two master suites, and a three-level living.  The Lodge plans include The American Holly, White Pine, and Silverbell.  The most popular plan offers a ceiling reminiscent of post and beam construction. The game room offers a casual recreation area where Mountaintop memories will be created.