Mediation: The winning solution for resolving disputes.

Even REALTORS® who are committed to high standards of conduct occasionally have honest business disputes with other professionals, clients, or customers.

The Mountain Lakes Board of REALTORS® provides mediation as a preliminary, voluntary alternative to alleged violations of the Code of Ethics brought by the public or by other REALTORS®.

What is Mediation?


  • Mediation is purely voluntary.
  • Mediation is not a fact-finding conference.
  • Mediation clarifies misunderstandings.
  • Mediation improves poor communication.
  • Mediation is a confidential settlement process.
  • Mediation maintains and improves relationships.
  • Mediation can be quicker, easier, and more amicable than a formal hearing.
  • Mediation gives the parties involved more control over the results.

The Mediation Process

Once a complaint has been received at the board office, an offer to mediate the dispute will be offered.

If mediation is agreed upon by both parties, the mediator will contact both parties directly to set an acceptable time and location for the mediation conference.

The mediation conference clarifies misunderstandings because parties come together and talk. The conference is not a fact-finding conference. The mediator will encourage both parties to openly discuss all issues and concerns giving rise to the complaint. Parties need not prepare exhibits or extensive documentation; however, if documentation will clarify an issue it may be used.

During the mediation conference either party may withdraw from the conference and have the complaint considered at a formal ethics hearing.

The mediator and parties have considerable latitude in fashioning a resolution and the resolution shall be agreed upon by all parties. Resolutions can include, but are not limited to, written or oral apologies or acknowledgement of a violation of the Code of Ethics, discipline as established in the Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual, agreement not to file a formal, written ethics complaint, or agreement that there was no violation.

If you have a dispute to mediate download the mediation guidelines and request to mediate form and return to the board office.

Download a copy of the 2015 Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual.