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How to Become an Agent:

  1. Acquire A Real Estate License
    Contact us at McLain Realty, Inc. and we can recommend an excellent real estate school for in-class or home (computer-based) study.

  2. Use discretion when deciding on a real estate company.
    It is crucial that you realize who you are working with. In your first year, the firm you decide to work with will undoubtedly contribute to your success satisfaction or failure. Choose wisely.

  3. Complete Training Courses
    Ask about our complete and comprehensive training programs for both new and experienced agents.

  4. Build your Client Base
    McLain Realty offers many services to help you build and market your database of potential customers.
McLain Realty, Inc. offers numerous services to help you build and market your career in real estate. Please feel free to contact our corporate office.

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