New Office Application

In addition to one of the applications below, a new office will need to fill out the Office Information Form .

New Agents or Appraisers
Joining an existing office that is already a member of SPIBOR

If you've recently become a licensed agent and have joined a broker, your next step is to sign up for membership in the South Padre Island Board of REALTORS® and/or MLS, depending on the type of membership your broker holds. All new members are required to know and understand our governing documents  and to attend a New Member Orientation course. 

REALTOR® Membership Packet
If you are an agent joining the South Padre Island Board of REALTORS® and the MLS.  Note:  A Texas Real estate or Appraisers license is required for this type of membership.  Your broker must also be a member before you can apply.


Business Owners
Affiliate Membership

If you do business with REALTORS®, an Affiliate Membership allows you to market your products and services to over 200 professionals in the real estate industry. Typical affiliate companies include mortgage brokers, title companies, home inspectors, home warranty companies, builders, cleaning services, and many more. Click here for a list of current opportunities available to Affiliate Members.

Affiliate Membership Application
If you are offering a product or service to our REALTOR® members.  Note:  A Real estate or Appraisers license is NOT required for this type of membership

Agent Transfer Form

Staff Application