Remodeling That Pays 

Upgrading your home is always appealing, but which enhancements get you the best return for your money when it’s time to sell? Buyers are most interested in the big ticket items and luckily that is where the best return will come from.  You always want to keep things in perspective and don’t over build for the house and area. This happens by adding special features that would be a personal choice and not appeal to the majority.

Even the smallest of investments can have a large return, for instance painting is one of the least expensive improvements and gives everything a new feeling. Going through your house and looking at it as a buyer would, can help you see what little details can be taken care of at very little cost. It gives the buyer the impression that there is no work that is an immediate necessity and they will focus more on the house.

Here are some averages on returns based on the National Association of REALTORS® reports for upgrades throughout the house.

MAJOR KITCHEN REMODEL Cost Recouped: 79.4%

BATHROOM REMODEL Cost Recouped: 90.1%

MASTER SUITE ADDITION Cost Recouped: 80.1%

FAMILY ROOM ADDITION Cost Recouped: 80.6%

ROOFING REPLACEMENT Cost Recouped: 80.8%

ATTIC BEDROOM Cost Recouped: 82.7%

BASEMENT REMODEL Cost Recouped: 76.1%

SUNROOM ADDITION Cost Recouped: 70.8%

DECK ADDITION Cost Recouped: 86.7%

First impressions are a big deal in the real estate market and having a well maintained home will set you apart from your competition.