What to Keep From Your Closing

·        Your Closing Statement- The Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act (RESPA) statement. This form is sometimes referred to as HUD 1. It itemizes all the cost associated with the closing. You may need this for income tax purposes and when you sell your home.


·        The Deed- then deed is the document that transfers title of the property from you to the new owner. It will be recorded at the courthouse as well.


·        Affidavits- Any document swearing to various statements by either party are good to keep.


·        You Real Estate Contract and Addendums- It is wise to hang on to this in case you need to reference it again in the future. We will keep a copy of this document as well for at least seven years after the transaction closes.


·        Insurance Policies- They provide a record and proof of your coverage and applicable dates


·        Tax agreement- In Wyoming taxes are paid in arrears, meaning they are paid after the tax year is almost complete. When your tax notices come out in the fall they are for that years taxes. The tax notice will always go to the person who was the owner of record on January 1 of that year. Because of this, sellers often get the tax notice on properties they no longer own and do not owe taxes on.


If you have not received a tax notice by October 1, please contact the County Treasurer's office and have a duplicate sent to you.