Understanding Seller and Buyer Agency

Johnson Home and Land agents work as a seller's agent and with the buyer as a customer on transactions where we are the listing agent.    This means that if the house you are interested in is listed through our agency we can still help you buy the home without any conflict of interest.  This is a typical "in house" transaction. 

As a seller's agent working with the buyer as a customer –

We will:

·         Be completely fair and honest with the buyer

·         Assist the buyer throughout the entire buying process

·         Provide market data regarding recent sold properties

·         Educate the buyer about current and historical real estate market patterns

·         Prepare the purchase offer and all necessary disclosures

·         Exercise skill and care throughout the process

·         Perform the terms of written agreement between buyer and seller

·         Present all offers and counter offers

·         Account for buyer's earnest money

·         Disclose any and all known defects about the property

·         Disclose all material matters regarding the property

·         Keep the buyer fully informed regarding the transaction

We Can Not:

·         Tell the buyer how much to offer or counter offer

·         Tell the buyer what the seller's bottom line is

·         Disclose any personal information about the seller

·         Advocate and/or negotiate on buyers behalf

In situations where we are not the listing agent we can work with you as your buyer's agent.  In this situation we will do all of the things listed previously for customers as well as advocate and negotiate on your behalf.   The following document gives further information about all of the agency/representation options available in Wyoming.