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Rollout Training Information

Rollout Training Handout provided by CRS Data

Introducing CRS Data

Effective January 2015, all Navica MLS users will have access to the CRS Data portal through their Navica accounts. This MLS-integrated benefit will become your one-stop-shop for countless new features that will make you an expert on any one of your listings.

Powerful Property Reporting Customizable Comparable Reporting Simplified Prospecting Advanced Mapping Tools

Who are they?

For more than twenty years, CRS Data has worked to put powerful, accurate data at the fingertips of their customers. Simply put, they are dedicated to doing data better. Their robust data, reliable technology, and outstanding customer service are why real estate professionals, MLSs, and bankers across the nation turn to CRS Data for their property intelligence.

What do they do?

Simply put, CRS does data. They seamlessly integrate with all MLS software providers, and are up and running in 90-120 days from the contract start date. The following features will be made available to Navica MLS users:

  • Complete assessor data and GIS maps
  • Updated sales and mortgage information
  • MLS integration
  • Auto population of tax data
  • Unlimited searches
  • Fully integrated data and maps (including FEMA flood maps)
  • Access to exports and mailing labels

How do they do it?

Accuracy is CRS Data's modus operandi. They strive to research data corrections and have them updated in a timely manner, normally within 24 hours . They make available CE training in several states (including Georgia), and an in-house help desk available . And most of all, they constantly reassess their product to integrate the newest development and design features. In the coming year, they will introduce:

  • Improved thematic maps
  • Property negatives and positives
  • Improved trending
  • Home improvement value change

Powerful Property Reporting

CRS Data property reports provide powerful data made available quickly and easily. Users can access our tools from any browser and export their information to create tailored property information.

Our integrated information includes tax assessment data, mortgage history, flood zone data, and covers foreclosed houses, creating an impeccable database with enhanced capabilities.

Customizable Comparable Reporting

Access in-depth comparable reports that can provide your members with confidence and their buyers with the information they need to make their home purchase.

Our comparable reporting is customizable and includes home details, such as square footage, acres and home condition

Simplified Prospecting

We’ve created a quick 3-step process to help our customers tap into new leads. Users can select a region using: interactive map, location radius or choice of street, subdivision or zip code. A custom list can also be created using a specific individual name.

Once the list is final, your members can de-select various filters to create a perfected list. And we make label creation easy by enabling lists to be exported in Excel, Text File or Top Producer 7i CSV, Detail and Summary formats.

Advanced Mapping Tools

Our intuitive mapping tools enable your members to explore GIS maps and review parcel property reports, including flood map layers.

We go above and beyond to ensure access to easy-to-use sales histories and statistics within a thoughtful mapping system.