SUPRA Key & Lockbox System

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Supra Support: 877-699-6787

            Explore Key Types:

              eKEY Basic 

             eKEY Professional



Bluetooth Lockboxes:



Getting Set Up:

- Call or Email us to let us know which key you would like as well as your desired 4-digit PIN.

- We will send you a Keyholder Agreement to review, fill out, and return to us. If you want to be ahead of the game, just click on said link for the form.

- All keys can be set up remotely, but you will need to pick up an XpressKEY.

-Once we set up your Supra account, we will send you an authorization code to enter into your key and you should be good to go!


Obtain a Keybox:

- Please give us notice in advance with:

- Number of keyboxes needed

- Shackle code requested (if different than key PIN)

- When you would like to pickup your keybox(es)

- REMINDER: Keyboxes are like checking out a library book. They are assigned by serial number. If you check any out, you are responsible for them. 


Manage your Supra Account:

- Go to

- Assign lockboxes to listings, check notifications, showings, etc.


Additional Supra Services & Documents:

Agent Alert

Home Tour

Data at the Door

Lockbox Transfer Form


*Important Reminders*

- If you get a new phone, or reinstall the application - you will need a new authorization code. Call us or call Supra directly BEFORE meeting clients.

- DO NOT wait until you're in the field to test your Supra! If you haven't used it in a while, or are having any issues, make sure to test on a lockbox before leaving the office. Call us if you need to test your key.