RPAC Online Fundraising Program

The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) aims to assist state associations in online fundraising efforts for RPAC by providing the necessary resources for associations to implement a successful online fundraising campaign.

Through our email communications to members we aim to: 

  • Educate members on what the REALTOR®PAC is and how it is important to their business
  • Update members on what is being done at their local, state and federal level though the support of RPAC investments
  • Ultimately, to engage member participation online with their investment in RPAC

The overall GOAL is to move non-contributing members into investors and low-dollar contributors into higher-level investors.

Through email, we are able to reach the vast majority of members with educational and solicitation messages about RPAC while still dynamically tailoring emails specific to each member.

NAR Resources Available to Associations:

  • NAR provides the resources and experience to develop the strategies and messages for each association and we will work with staff to provide training that will allow associations to develop their online fundraising campaigns.
  • In the first year NAR will set up the campaign and work with associations in subsequent years to grow and expand their online fundraising efforts.
  • In addition to RPAC goals that are set for state and locals, we will work with staff to set short term and long term online fundraising goals. 

Things to Know:

  1. All online campaigns are branded at the state or local level
  2. Growth happens over time
  3. Through online solicitations we have the flexibility to set up monthly payment plans for those wishing to break up a large payment as well as sustaining giving for those who wish to give a set amount every month.
  4. We can target your membership on a variety of data points from location, political affiliation, past giving or other valuable information that we have access to in the PAC Management System.
  5. Additionally, NAR can help associations with online donation forms to be used for newsletters, association website and other ways to promote RPAC.

NEW – Online Fundraising Trainings

Monthly 30-Minute training sessions are now offered to state and local association staff to learn how to utilize the email communication and fundraising tools themselves. Four separate trainings are offered:

  1. Email – using the mass activity wizard in Aristotle
  2. Webforms – setting up and editing online donation webforms
  3. Programs and Events – track your campaigns and events in Aristotle to monitor your success
  4. Building Distribution Lists – learn how to query and build lists to develop your email target audience

To get started on a training or learn more please contact:

Laura Camp Bailey 
PAC Consulting – Aristotle International, Inc.

​RPAC Donation Statistics by State