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Buying real estate for most people is the single largest financial decision of their life. It is SO EXCITING, but can also be stressful if you don't have the right resources and guidance. As a real estate professional it is my job to make sure my buyers make an educated and informed decision that is the best for them. With that being said I have a few tips.


First Time Home Buyers

1. Know What You Can Afford. Go to a trusted lender and get a pre qualification letter before beginning your search. Make sure you ask them what your monthly payment will be. It is so important to remember that the purchase price is only important when you buy the home and when you sell it, but the monthly payment is what you live with every month. Make sure you are comfortable with the payment and know your limit, then when you are searching for a home, you will not be stressed about the financial aspect.

2. This Ain't Your Mama's House. Parents are so helpful, with opinions and often cash, however, remember, YOU are the one living in the home, so YOU need to be the one to decide what is and is not important. A lot of 1st time home buyers ask too many peoples' opinions and guess what, they get too many different opinions and they get really frustrated and confused. Pick a few educated and trusted friends or family members and leave everyone else out of it. I promise it will make your life much easier.

3. Home Is What You Make It. No home is 100% perfectly what you want. A home is about 30% what it is and 70% what you make it. See the potential in the home by looking at the most important aspects of the home; location being #1. If the home is a great price in a great location, but it's painted purple and you are not a fan of a purple house, then remember, this is something you can change.


Second Home Buyers

1. Forget the Past. Today's market is different from 3 years ago, 10 years ago, 30 years ago. Educate yourself with today's market by choicing a knowledgeable agent. Today's market in Murphy, NC is an amazing market for second home buyers.

2. Know What You Can Afford. Whether taking on a second mortgage or using your savings, it is so important to know exactly what you can afford before beginning your search for real estate. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a house and going to a lender only to hear your loan has been denied. It's disheartening and can totally be avoided. Having a pre qualification letter or proof of cash funds is also required with an offer for most bank owned properties, so by having this in advance you are one step ahead of a lot of other buyers. 

3. Think About Rental Potential. Buying a property for retirement can be a great investment for your future. Rental opportunities are popping up everywhere in Cherokee County and with the Casino opening in Fall 2015, more and more employees and tourist are looking for places to stay. Buying a property for a long-term or short-term rental is definitely a great opportunity to have the mountain home of your dreams that also provides a source of income.