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Stacie Adkins; CEO/Association Executive
Greater Augusta Association of REALTORS®
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Home Selling Hints


1.  First impressions are crucial! Mow the lawn. Trim the hedges. Weed a garden and/or rake the leaves and shovel snow. Replace any burned out light bulbs outside and polish up brass door knobs and/or fixtures.


2.  Try to replace any missing tiles in a bathroom or any broken windows, railings, and/or leaking pipes.


3.  If paint is totally peeling off the walls, a room should be repainted, or if there are badly damaged water spots from a roof repair, paint is needed.


4.  If carpeting is totally worn out, consideration should be made for replacement if possible, otherwise the marketing price should be adjusted.


5.  Clean out the garage and basement! Getting rid of all junk makes the house look much larger.


6.  Straighten closets and storage spaces to create a larger overall look.


7.  Clean all stains off of sinks, and check faucets for new washers.


8.  Check all windows for sticking and broken glass. Replace sash cords and remove old drapes or broken window shades.


9.  Clean the house from top to bottom! Nothing is more offensive to a buyer than clutter. Polish the windows, scrub the floors, vacuum, dust and wash curtains.


10.  Straighten up the house! Get rid of old newspapers and magazines. Put out the garbage. Make sure the litter box is emptied! Make sure the kitchen counters are as clear as possible.


11.  Make sure all pets are confined to definite inconspicuous areas. Many buyers are afraid of or allergic to animals.


12.  Make sure the house looks cheerful and bright! All the window shades should be up for showings. Leave some soft music on in the background. If nighttime, turn all the lights on. Have flowers on the table. Light a fire.


13.  When showing the house, if possible, leave for a while. If not, you and the children should try to be in one room that is out of the way for the duration of the showing.


14.  Make sure that you have left any written comments that you feel are an extra bonus as to why you have enjoyed living in the house and the area. Also, consider leaving a list of children and babysitters in the neighborhood. Leave helpful hints as to whom your neighbors are.


Sample Questions:


* What school will our kids go to?


* Where does the bus run from here?


* Who is a good dentist/doctor around here?


* Are there babysitters around here?


* What are the neighbors like on either side of this house?


* How close is the grocery store?