To safeguard your investment, ARCH Properties will collect a fully refundable security deposit typically equal to one month's rent which will be held in a trust account for the duration of the lease. The deposit is refunded to the tenant in full if the premises is vacated by the deadline set forth in the lease and if the property is returned to its move-in condition (after taking normal wear and tear into consideration). At the lease end date, ARCH performs move-out inspections.  When possible, these move-out inspections are completed with the tenant(s) present and all deficient items are identified and listed. Any items not resolved by the tenant by the lease end date will be performed by ARCH Properties or professional subcontractors and those fees will be deducted from the security deposit.  Remaining funds in the deposit account are returned to the tenant with a statement outlining all deductions, if any, shortly after move-out.

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