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Seller's Tips

The Bedford real estate market is very competitive. In spite of the downturn in the local economy, selling property in Bedford can be a stressful process. Marilyn is

known for her staging ability and she will help you get your property into tip-top shape. You will be competing with many other homes for sale and will want to have your

home stand out in the pack.

Make the real estate market work for you, not the other way around. Ask Marilyn about possible improvements before you put your home on the market. Not all

improvements translate to a higher sales price or shorter sales time. Her are a few tips that may help:

Preparing for the Sale

1. Get rid of clutter

: clear off countertops

: store your knickknacks

: clean closets

: clean up laundry room

: remove personal items

2. tidy up the outside

: cut the grass and rake leaves

: cut overgrown bushes that are overgrown

: consider planting a few outside annuals if house is listed during summer months

3. Maintenance Items

: touch up worn paint surfaces

: make sure windows and doors are operable

: make sure light bulbs are working

: clear all cobwebs in corners

: make sure all electrical outlets are working

: make sure all appliances are working

4. Get rid of odors

: clean carpets if needed

: clean windows if necessary

: make sure there are no pet odors

: clean all furniture and floors of pet hair if pets are in home

5. Consider a cleaning service for a one-time serious cleaning

: get into all corners

: clean out closets

: clean windows and door frames

: clean refrigerators, microwaves and ovens

: clean out garage

6. Prepare for showings by:

: turning on the lights

: put away any valuables

: leave the house to agent

: take pets with you when you leave