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10 Step Comprehensive Sellers's Program


1.        Needs Analysis

(a)      Determine time frame of the move

(b)     Reason for the move

(c)      Is the home necessary to purchase another


2.        Setting the correct selling price of the home

(a)      Show a list of comparable properties that have sold recently

(b)     Show a list of comparable properties that have failed to sell

(c)      Show a detailed list of Seller's Estimated Closing Cost


3.        Setting the correct selling price of the home


(a)      Stage home to showcase curve appeal (first impressions are crucial)

(b)     Determine furniture placement to make rooms look large and spacious

(c)      Declutter to show your home's best face

(d)     Determine if anything needs to be repaired before listing home


4.        Marketing Strategy

(a)      Customize a detailed marketing strategy both on-line and off-line

(b)     Build a custom individual property website unique to your individual property

(c)      Create a You Tube Video

(d)     Post 25 pictures on, local MLS

(e)      Post to Zillow, Trulia, Coldwell Banker, etc

(f)       Send out postcards to 100's of Real Estate Agents throughout the region

(g)     Run regular Open Houses

(h)      Place home in local newspapers and local homefinders


5.        Receive Offers

(a)      Keep updated on any potential offers

(b)     Give you new market data that affects presented offers


6.        Negotiating Offers

(a)      Use local market conditions to negotiate price

(b)     Use over 20 years sales experience to negotiate best price

(c)      Clearly outline net proceeds after negotiating offers


7.        Inspection Issues

(a)      Negotiate repairs issues that arise through Home Inspection

(b)     Give a list of contractors if repairs are necessary

(c)      Supply the necessary paperwork to reply to inspection issues

(d)     Arrange for follow up inspections if necessary


8.        Pre-Closing Preparation

(a)      Coordinate with the closing agency to deliver the correct paperwork

(b)     Coordinate with the lender to deliver the correct paperwork

(c)      Arrange for the final walk-through


9.        Review Closing Documents

(a)      Coordinate with the closing attorney for necessary paperwork

(b)     Review closing documents for errors

(c)      Smooth out any last minute closing details that may arise


10.     Post Closing

(a)    Stay in touch to assist with any post closing issues