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10 Step Comprehensive Buyer's Program 

1.        Needs Analysis

(a)      Determine time frame of the move

(b)     Reason for the move

(c)      What do your want to have that you do not have presently


2.        Loan Prequalification/Pre-Approval

(a)      Supply list of Lenders to get the best interest rates

(b)     Explain 100% financing

(c)      Explain FHA, USDA vs conventional mortgages

(d)     Explain Seller's Assist

(e)      Determine affordable price range

(f)       Obtain pre-qualification letter (adds value to offers)


3.        Home Search

(a)      Determine School District and area preferences

(b)     Show homes to determine what you can and cannot live without

(c)      Listens and ask questions to determine what is right for you        

(d)     Send immediate updates on newly listed homes in your preferred area

(e)      Send immediate updates on price changes


4.        Making an Offer

(a)      Provide up-to-date market analysis to negotiate the best price for your new home.

(b)     Supply all the appropriate paperwork necessary for a valid offer

(c)      Go over the Seller's Disclosure

(d)     Supply a Buyer's Estimated Cost

(e)      Write the offer

(f)       Explain the terms of the "negotiated offer"

(g)     Explain the Home Inspection Process

(h)      Negotiate with the Seller's or Seller's agent


5.        Attorney's and closing cost

(a)      Give choices of closing agency

(b)     Give choice of Real Estate attorneys in the area


6.        Home Inspection

(a)      Help select a qualified home inspector

(b)     Arrange for the home inspector

(c)      Meet with buyers during the home inspector

(d)     Complete "Reply to Inspection" form

(e)      Negotiate with the sellers on Home Inspection findings


7.        Ventors

(a)      Supply a list of utility companies in order to switch utilities

(b)     Supply a list of appliances stores if necessary


8.        Pre-Closing Preparation

(a)      Coordinate with the closing attorney/company to achieve smooth closing dates

(b)     Coordinate with the lender to achieve smooth closing dates

(c)      Ensure proper documents are provided to both attorneys and lenders


9.        Closing

(a)      Receive and review closing documents

(b)     Resolve any last minute issues and complete the necessary documents to close the transaction


10.     Post Closing

(a)    Stay in touch and are available to assist with any possible post closing issues.