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Choosing Air “Conditioning”

by C. Bradley (Brad) Copeland, of Going - Aire


             When choosing air conditioning systems for your Florida Keys home there many choices and several factors to consider. The main choice is between “Air Cooling” and smarter system “Air Conditioning”. New homes being built here Ocean Reef require these smart systems. The following is brief and simplistic description of the differences between traditional AC Systems and the Smart Systems of today:

Traditional System:

  • · Cools house to required temperature using one speed for both the inside (air handler) and outside (condenser) components.
  • · Controlled by temperature only. If the system is set to 74 degrees, when the temperature goes up to approximately 76, the system will kick on and blast as much cool air as is need for as long as it is needed to get the temperature to 74. Then the system shuts off until it is required again.
  • · For our year round cooling requirements here in the Keys, the systems are usually coupled with a Dehumidistat. When you are away, the Thermostat is set to 74 and the Dehumidistat is set to 55 (relative humidity). When the temperature is above 74 AND the humidity is above 55%, the system will come on until the humidity is at 55 OR the temperature is at 74.


Smart System (The systems being required for all new homes at Ocean Reef):

  • · Cools AND Dehumidifies the home using a two stage (speed) outside unit (condenser) and a variable speed inside unit (air handler).
  • · The system is “smart” and both components talk to each other through a smart thermostat. Temperature and humidity levels are maintained at a constant setting by the system. When the heat of the day is requires more, the system ramps up to a high speed to deal with the heat and humidity load. At night, the systems runs on lower speeds to keep the home at a consistent comfort level. This makes the home more comfortable and saves energy.
  • · You can set up the system for different comfort levels when you are home or away.  Set both the desired temperature and the desired humidity.
  • · The system requires a smart thermostat which is actually called a Control.  You can manage the thermostat settings from your smart phone anywhere you are.

Contact Going-Aire for more information on all of the choices and options available for your home’s Indoor Air Quality.