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Seymour Johnson AFB Information
Contains the most up-to-date information regarding the Air Force base and information.  We have provided helpful tidbits to familiarize you with Seymour Johnson and to help you get to know all about Goldsboro!

Main phone numbers:  Commercial (919)722-1110 or DSN 488-1110 

Mailing address:  Seymour Johnson AFB, NC 27531

Population:   Approx. 4,267 active duty; 7,000 family members; 1,104 civilians 

Housing:  154 officer family units; 1,506 enlisted family units; 10 dormitories for unaccompanied personnel; (919)722-0362 – as of 8/1/08 80+ person wait list for families, although new/revamped housing for enlisted and officers is currently under construction.

Temporary lodging:   69 temporary lodging units (919)722-0385; campground (919)722-1104

Family Support Center  (919)722-1123/24

Schools:  None on base.WayneCountyPublic Schools and private schools – see school section.

Child Care:   Center for 148 children three-month wait; 22 approved in home care providers (919)722-1951

Health Care:   TriCare – base has clinic and dental facility, although most work is contracted out to local physicians. Urgent care must be called in first. Emergency services are directed to the local hospital which is Wayne Memorial Hospital.

Commissary/BX:  Seymour Johnson Air Force Base - Goldsboro, NC has a large size commissary - (919)722-0319, a small exchange, and one shoppette (919)735-8511. 

Recreation:  Seymour Johnson Air Force Base - Goldsboro, NC includes arts and crafts, bowling, library, auto hobby, recreation center, theater, golf, gym, tennis, swimming, outdoor activities, and camping.  


To Houser:  Seymour Johnson AFB is located just minutes from the Houser Associates Real Estate office.We are close to Berkeley Mall and businesses in the center of town.

  • FROM SEYMOUR JOHNSON'S MAIN GATE:  Leaving Seymour Johnson, turn left at the 4th traffic light on to Cashwell Drive.  At the next light, turn right on to Spence Avenue and Houser is immediately on your right.  Just look for our sign!
  • COMING FROM THE RALEIGH AREA: Take Highway 70 East towards Kinston.  Exit right at Spence Avenue. At the top of the exit ramp, turn right on to Spence Avenue.  After the 3rd traffic light (Penny Cleaners), look for Houser Associates on the left just before Bank of America.

To the base from our office:

· Continue on Spence Avenue until you reach Ash Street (Wayne Community Arts Council building with fountains is across the street).

· Turn left onto Ash Street. Follow Ash Street until the next stoplight.

· Turn right onto Berkeley Blvd. Continue straight until you reach the main entrance of the base. 

· The Seymour Johnson AFB Visitor's Center is located immediately on your right before going through the checkpoint.

Billeting/Temporary Military Lodging:


Southern Pines Inn can meet you and your family's needs. In addition to a bedroom and bath, 69 units come equipped with kitchen facilities and other conveniences. Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. It is best to make reservations in advance to secure a room for you and/or your family. Reservations are for 30 days.Reservations can be made by mail, phone, fax, electronic mail, or through your sponsor.

Cost of Temporary Lodging: $21.50 - regardless of rank or status (still current from 1 March 01). All rooms are 100% SMOKE-FREE.

*Southern Pines Inn does accept/allow animals with some restrictions:

1. Rooms available for pets depends on availability – only 12 units out of 69. These are usually reserved for PCSing families.

2. Must have most recent shot records (rabies shots mainly).

3. There is a $10/per day pet fee.

4. Only 2 pets allowed per room.

5. Animals must be kenneled if unsupervised, due to house keeping coming in once per day.

6. Animals are not allowed on the furniture.

7. Do not use the hotel linens to bath pets.

*There is a loan closet, operated by Family Services, full of common household items for families awaiting the arrival of their household goods while staying in temporary lodging. For more information, please contact Family Support at (919) 722-1117.

*For further information about lodging or to make a reservation, call the Southern Pines Inn at 919- 722-0385.

*If you need more hotel or pet-friendly hotel options please contact us at Houser Associates Real Estate at (919) 778-7555.  We have Houser discounted rates at certain extended stay hotels.  Please send us an email to tell you about our best current deal:


The forwarding address is:

General Delivery


Box 2000

Seymour Johnson AFB NC 27531-5000

The Postal Service Center lobby is open 24 hours daily. The customer service window is open from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday. It is important that newly arriving personnel check with the PostalServiceCenter for mail being held for them.


North Carolina law requires that seatbelts must be worn for both the front and back seats of a car. This includes children. An infant, less than 18 to 20 pounds, must ride in a protected position (facing the rear of the vehicle) when riding in the front of the car. If the car has a passenger side air bag, the infant car seat must be in the back seat. When a child weighs 18 to 20 pounds and can sit up alone, he/she rides facing the front of the car. 

When a child outgrows a convertible seat, a booster seat, or if the child is over 5 and over 40 pounds he/she may use a seatbelt. . (NOTE: NC law requires the use of a safety seat if the child is still two years old.)

Note: Children under age 16 must ride in a weight-appropriate restraint system no matter where they sit. The law applies to all passenger vehicles with both in-state and out-of-state registration.


The following information is provided on dormitories: E-6's and above and officers are automatically authorized to live off base. At the present time, career airman and above are authorized single occupancy.

It really depends on the dorm (what squadron you're in) if you'll have a room to yourself. Most residents now have their own room and share a bathroom with one other room.


The Community Center is located across the street from the dorms and has pool tables, TV, ping pong, a pub, etc. and all kinds of special activities always planned. Trips and tours for reasonable rates are available year round.

The EducationCenter is always available to complete classes towards your CCAF degree and/or a four year degree. Squadrons usually have men and women's sports teams so be sure to check with your sponsor or the orderly room.


If you are PCSing from an overseas base and have purchased a vehicle there, please note the following: If the vehicle is new, you must have a manufacturer's certificate of origin and the registration.

The maximum charge to register a car will be $205 (for a truck it will be $206.50 and up (based on the gross weight of the truck)) which will include the license the license plate, tax, and title.

From then on, license plates will cost $20.00 for a car and $21.50 and up for a truck (also based on the gross weight) per year. If there is no lien on the vehicle then you will need all the original paperwork. The military members do not pay property tax unless their home of record is in North Carolina.


If this applies to you, you MUST take your records to the OB Clinic where they will be reviewed by the Chief of Hospital Services. He/She will determine if you should be referred to a physician downtown. Some high risk pregnancies are followed on the base.

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*Sections of the Seymour Johnson exert are credited to Seymour Johnson's website for general information.