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  1. The Schennbergs 
    Kae & Richard



Kae Schennberg:


Richmond, KY is our home and the place of our office.  I attended all the local schools, and later on attended Eastern KY University majoring in Business Administration.  For approximately twelve years I worked as an Administrative Officer at the University of Kentucky, after a lot of thought, I felt I needed a career change.   In the year 2000, I made a big leap of faith and a radical career move toward a full-time sales position exclusively in real estate.  It has been a wonderful and exciting decision. During the past fourteen years, most of our clients have become our lifelong friends and neighbors giving us referrals and repeat business.

My husband Richard and I are now Brokers/Owners in our own real estate company  Schennberg Realty, LLC in Richmond, KY.   Every year I like to set a goal  to strive to obtain.   During the year of 2004, my goal was to obtain a multi-million dollar producer status.  I obtained that goal which has enabled me to become a member of the "Million Dollar Club".  In June of 2005, my goal was to become an Associate Broker and a Certified New Home Specialist.  In 2006, my goal was to own our own Company and we started Francis and Schennberg Realty, LLC, now  Schennberg Realty, LLC.  In 2007, I became the Principal Broker of our own real estate company

In 2008, real estate was a veritable roller coaster ride.  The  first of the year started off like gang busters, but sadly the months of November, and  December slowed to a crawl.  We, however, unlike others survived the real estate bubble.  In Kentucky, we only had a 15% decrease in the overall value of properties.  

Although housing in KY took a downturn of 15%, the stock market took a 41% downturn.  Investing in real estate has proven the test of time.  The smart investment is still real estate.  It is really ironic the sub-prime mortgage-backed securities were the cause of the stock market crash, yet real estate is still one of the safest places to invest your money for the highest return on your investment.

Also in 2008,  I took special training and certification to be able to assist people to sell pre-foreclosured properties through acceptable short sales with lenders.  It has been very rewarding to assist people who may have lost their jobs, or experienced severe medical conditions and have needed to sell their homes to prevent foreclosure.  One of my clients lost her job due to a back injury and had to sell her home.  We closed using a short sale one day before the master commissioner's sale.  Her neighbor bought the house, and still allowed her to stay in the home and pay rent until she located another place to stay.  She was so happy because her granddaughter and daugher were living with her at the time.    She is now on the way to restoring her credit and takes in foster children.

Another client we assisted was working in Florida and lost his job.  He moved back to Kentucky, but was unable to catch up on his payments.  He went into foreclosure, but a friend told him about our company, and we had an opportunity to assist him in selling his property in Florida through a referral network while he was working in Kentucky.  I am happy to say, he sold his house, was forgiven of his debt with no recourse by his lender, and is now on his way to restoring his life and his credit. 

Amazing things can happen if you are able to locate people to work with you until all matters are resolved.  We will work with you on any type of real estate liquidation including standard sales, REO's, short sales, pre-foreclosures, foreclosures, and investment properties, we will market your property until it sells no matter what situation you are in. Never give up!  If you have missed any type of real estate payments, contact us immediately.  We will work with you and your lender to see if we can sell your property before it gets to the foreclosure stage.  Call me about selling your real estate, if you have missed payments.

At Schennberg Realty, LLC, we strive to offer you the best real estate services in the area and provide maximum MLS exposures for our listings,  I joined both local MLS listing boards in our area.    I am a current member of the Lexington Realtors Association  , a member of the Madison County Board of Realtors, a member of the National Realtors Association,  a member of the Kentucky Realtors Association, a member of the Kentucky Auctioneer's Association.    

In addition to real estate, I have been a residential and multi-family property manager for over 30 years.   I have certainly needed the skills in problem solving that I have acquired through the years to assist people in selling all types of real estate, standard real estate sales, REO sales, short sales, pre-foreclosures, investor rental property sales, and property management.   Helping people, and making new friends has always given me enjoyment. I have finally found my niche in selling real estate and property management; and many of our clients have become our life long friends.  The most amazing aspect of real estate is bringing buyer and seller together and finalizing the sale.  It is extremely rewarding and very satisfying to enable and facilitate people in obtaining their real estate investment goals. 


For most people, Buying and selling real estate can be an overwhelming experience for the buyer and seller; we enjoy the opportunity to reduce those fears with sound professional advice and experience. 


Richard Schennberg:


I was born in Chicago and grew up in Park Ridge, Illinois.  I attended Transylvania University to be closer to relatives and ended up staying in Kentucky.  I earned a Master of Science Degree and taught Mathematics at the University of Kentucky.  I also worked part-time in sales.  I served nine years active duty in the US Air Force, flying C-130 Tactical Transport Aircraft and finally serving as the Executive Officer for the Operations Group Commander.  After the first Gulf War, I continued to serve in the US Air Force Reserves.


My wife needed assistance with real estate, and eventually I obtained first my Sales Associate license to assist her.  Two years and four months later I earned my Associate Broker license.  We make a very good team not just in real estate.  We are involved in competitive handgun shooting as a hobby and sport. We are both members of Bluegrass Sportsmens League, Anderson County Sportsmens Club, Ashland Gun Club, US Practical Shooting Association, International Defensive Pistol Association, Glock Sport Shooting Foundation, International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association, and Single Action Shooting Society.  We even went to a regional shooting competition during our honeymoon.

We are also avid computer users and belong to Central Kentucky Computer Society, one of the largest computer clubs in the US.  Real estate has been a great way to meet new people and friends.  We have both found it to be very rewarding to help buyer clients to find the home of their dreams, while allowing sellers to move on.  It is our collective goal to provide the best counsel, the most accurate advise and service that we possibly can for our clients.