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2016 CCAR
Committee Chairs

Awards Committee
Chair:  Randy Parker
Vice Chair: Johnny Wade 

Community Service
Chair:  Dave Robinson

Constitution and Bylaws
Chair:  Yvonne Otts

Education Committee
Chair: Gail Stanley 

Historical Committee
Chair:  Sue Crawford
Vice Chair: Mayra Lemus

Membership and Attendance
Chair: Talli Willians
Vice Chair: Gail Junkins-Noles

Nominating Committee
Chair: John Thomas

Program Commitee
Chair:  Kristi Coker

Public Relations Commitee
Chair: Lisa Burgee

RPAC/Legislative Commitee
Chair: Lisa Burgee
Vice Chair: Jorge Garcia

Strategic Planning
Chair: Laura Young

Chair:  Kristi Coker
Vice Chair: Mary Mayfield


2016 CCAR
Appointments to the Grievance Panel

Hilliard Jolly: End-of-Term 12/31/2016
Talli Williams: End-of-Term 12/31/2018


2016 CCAR
Professional Standards Panel

Debbie Daniels: End-of-Term 12/31/2016
Sheila Edwards: End-of-Term 12/31/2018
Lee Oliver: End-of-Term 12/31/2016
Yvonne Otts: End-of-Term 12/31/2018
Johnny Wade: End-of-Term 12/31/2018