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Strategic Marketing For Your Home/Land/Business

Never forget that Marketing Exposure FEEDS THE LEADS.  To effectively reach out to the most buyers, you will need to mass target a broad-based audience from local buyers to national, even international buyers, through online exposure, advertising, and the all-important Networking. 

If your house/property has unique characteristics that will appeal to a select audience, then you will also need Strategic Targeted Marketing. I provide my clients with a comprehensive marketing plan and make the financial commitment to You that many agents are simply unable or unwilling to do. That's why I am unafraid to outline the highlights below for all to see. They are welcome to step up to the plate. When I say I go way beyond the "Passive P's," (Put it on the MLS, Put up a sign, Pray it sells), I mean it. I want your business. You want to SELL.

Agents are all competing for listings. Below are some of the commitments that stand me apart. If you are interviewing agents- ASK them- do they have their own website in addition to the company's? ASK them- can they provide ANY Premium Positioning? Where? ASK them- what target marketing are they willing to do? ASK them- are they on the upside of technical tools--for example do they use QR or Text codes? ASK them- what is their IDX solution? (Do they even know what it is?) How do they track their marketing exposure?

I AM A CERTIFIED RESIDENTIAL SPECIALIST (CRS) -- currently one of only 8 Certified Residential Specialists in the entire Greenwood area. This is the highest credential awarded in the real estate industry, based on sales experience, volume sold, depth of continuing education & marketing expertise. I am NOT a passive agent. I am a passionate full-time REALTOR.

​I am also an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS) -- which means I am up to speed on our local luxury market trends, have proven experience selling our luxury property, and have access to a vast national network for resources and Buyer referrals.


TLC REAL ESTATE is PROUD that we offer a 50/50 split of our commission to Buyer Agents. That makes your home more enticing for Buyer Agents to show! Especially agents bringing their buyers from Greenville, Spartanburg, Columbia...  If you are interviewing, ask the Agent what THEIR Buyer Agency payout policy is...

Online Exposure

Excellent National/International/Local exposure on the top giant real estate aggregate sites--where I provide you with Premium Positioning as a "Featured Property" so your listing stands out.  

·  More Exposure on my TWO business websites. I have dozens of domain names and links driving traffic to these sites with my primary personal business site being, plus the TLC Real Estate company site, which is a comprehemsive mobile-media friendly site (for ipads, smartphones etc.). These are user-friendly sites that FEATURE homes & land. 

· MLS Marketing: This is your listing's chance to shine. We are allowed up to 45 images and many agents don't take advantage of that benefit (although granted, sometimes a tree is a tree is a tree...). But I do take great pride in providing quality photography and thorough, helpful detailed information--because your MLS listing is targeting hundreds, even thousands of agents and their buyers thru our MLS' IDX (Internet Data Exchange) feeds- alone a SUPERHUGE advantage over For-Sale-By-Owners.

·  Virtual Tours: Open-plan homes can truly shine with a Virtual Tour or Visual Tour. If your higher-end home fits-the-bill, (open plan, space, especially picturesque), I'll commit the time & $$ to a true professionally created panoramic virtual tour. (I create those "VTs" to post on sites like YouTube.)  VTs are a great way to show potential buyers the special features, layout and "atmosphere" of your house.

· Elevated "Birds Eye" Picture of your Home:  Will your house look fabulous from a higher elevation? It will depend on trees, location & background, but this is definitely a WOW factor- especially for lake homes, acreage homes, homes that have beautiful landscaping etc. This is a highly specialized service, limited to only the most appropriate properties, and dependent on the actual landscaping around (i.e. too many trees won't work). TLC Real Estate was the first to utilize the only insured and legal FAA-licensed aerial photography & video drone company operating in our area. Be wary of companies and agents using unauthorized, uninsured drones for real estate.

· QR Codes & Text Codes: Quick Response Codes, similar to barcodes, allow smartphone users to scan the "artwork" and have immediate access to the full listing information of YOUR listing.  I use them on signs, promos, flyers & advertising. If you are interviewing agents, ASK THEM if they are using QR Codes & how...! How about TEXT CODES, where a buyer can text a unique number and pull up your full listing information!

· Online Advertising: I am always expIoring opportunities that get the best "return" for my clients. For example, I advertise online thru' a program that posts an ad that actually follows people from site to site & has a click-thru to our company website AND YOUR LISTING. Whether you think it's creepy or cool, it works. It runs my ad on 100's of the nation's top sites, ensuring buyers and sellers see my "digital sign" wherever they go online. It's like a bus ad or a billboard on steroids! This ad pops up regularly on all kinds of diverse sites ranging from,,, and to usatoday, youtube, foxnews, abcnews, nbcnews and even! When they click-thru- they have access to YOUR LISTING info. Find me...find you!


Exposure Feeds the Leads! TLC Real Estate joined LISTHUB as a premium brokerage in 2015 and has remained a loyal client to ensure you have the best exposure and information. Your listing will be syndicated through LISTHUB to 900+ nameable, prominent real estate websites, ranging from major area newspaper and TV sites across the nation, to strategic marketing sites to international platforms. WOW! And, we can TRACK your listing's success in the market. YOU will share in the marketing analysis and get a weekly report, cumulative over time, outlining your property's exposure success on its most successful portals.
THIS IS HUGE and absolutely BLOWS THE WINDOWS out of For Sale By Owner!


Your property will be presented in the TOP major real estate portals, each with their own IDX (Internet Data Exchange) feeds to hundreds of unique real estate sites. We're talking potential "better" exposure to MILLIONS of unique visitors every month, thru paid-accounts with each of these sites. Visit these sites -- see which of our area agents have made these huge commitments to their clients...and to how many, IF any.

· THE most accurate, national/international real estate MLS search site. I offer Premium Positioning with "Showcase Status" featuring multiple pix and full copy and fast response lead generation--I want the best for ALL my clients. Only a small % of agents across the nation make this high commitment to their clients for top exposure. 

·,,, Your listing has excellent exposure on ALL the major real estate portals.

· Directories: I am listed in several respected directories-ie. Linked-in --THE Professional Network, Fine Homes International, City Directory, Covington Whos' Who, Real Estate Agent, etc.  When folks can find me, they may refer your buyer, or find your listing. Find me; find you!

· REFERRALS: I am a CRS, Certified Residential Specialist. We have The Most Comprehesive and Successful Referral Network in the industry. Agents across the globe refer Buyers to me...and hopefully to Your Listing.

Relocation Market

·  Greenwood Chamber of Commerce: Many folks considering relocating to this area will first check out our busy Chamber's website. I am an Agent Sponsor with click-thru to my website and Your Listing. TLC Real Estate, the company as a whole, is a member with click-thru to and Your Listing. See how many agents have made this commitment to their clients. In 2016-17 and again for 2017-18, TLC has committed big $ to be a part of the Greenwood Chamber Newcomers Relocation Guide, a comprehensive print and online resource, distributed by the Chamber and available from its website- with direct click-thru to both my and TLC's websites and Your Listing

·  Greenwood County:  The County discovered that loads of folks are also looking for relocation information on the County's website, so in 2017, the tourism division of the County is incorporating a special video section to introduce Greenwood County and selected businesses to visitors. Of course, TLC is there! We have our own 60 sec. promo geared towards helping Buyers, plus visual exposure within the County's presentation. Find us, find Your Listing!

·  I am Relocation-certified, which means Relocation & Referral companies can search me out to help their buyer- employees relocating to this area. It also means I can help YOU with your relocation to another place. Just tell your employers you have a relocation-certified agent. Being certified means I am trained and prepared to perform all the nuances of the relocation process- the owner & corporate paperwork, strategic marketing, home prep, weekly market reports, etc.

Do You Need Strategic Marketing? 
Targeting Your Special Audiences

 ·  Lake Marketing: TLC- THE LAKE CONNECTION. With beautiful Lake Greenwood at my back door, I specialize in lake marketing with Premium Positioning/Spotlight status on the #1 site, (see link at bottom of page) but I also maintain paid accounts with Lakehomes USA, and several other popular sites. Your lake property will have superior exposure to boaters, fishermen, naturalists, executives, buyers looking for primary homes, second homes or simple weekenders, and buyers who want to build--essentially... all lake lovers.

·  Golf Marketing: I offer Premium Positioning on to highlight your golf parcel or golf community home.

·  Land Marketing: TLC- TOWN LAKE COUNTRY. Your parcel, acreage, or home with acreage will get excellent targeted exposure on and with IDX feeds to dozens of other land-oriented sites that also target landholders, farms, outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, equestrian audiences, timber companies, developers, builders, and of course, people who want their own land to build on. 
Everything LAND.

·  Luxury Marketing: TLC- THE LUXURY COLLECTION.  I am now an "Elite Agent" w/ the exclusive Luxury Home group. I have a position to advertise up to six homes to an amazingly affluent audience. Don't think your luxury home can compete with multi-million dollar estates? You might be surprised what this level of buyer may be looking for-- privacy in a smaller town, a quiet getaway w/ convenient amenities etc. I am also a Luxury Agent Resource on Unique Find me, & find your home. I am a certified Fine Homes International specialist--I know the advertising resources to put your luxury home/estate in front of affluent buyers.  These are very pricey options, reserved for the very top end of our market, but wow, what an audience! We can discuss our options.

·  Commercial Marketing: TLC- Top Line Ccommercial.  I have paid accounts with Loopnet, Co-Star and several resources at my fingertips to give your commercial property the kind of local/national/international exposure you need. Don't forget heavy networking & coordination w/ Chambers & Economic development groups.

·  Hospitality Marketing:  This overlaps commercial, but may have its own niche audience. For example, there are numerous websites trying to make advertising money posting B&Bs & Inns for sale. I know which the best ones are, and we can review our options.

·  Vintage/Historical Marketing: Again, a niche audience and a lot of websites vying for your money. We'll do it right.

·  Classified Marketing: Not a fit for every property, but certainly an important tool. There are numerous classified sites, ranging from Craig's List to our local online news/classified site I have accounts w/ several.

·  Online Brochures: I have accounts w/ programs that allow me to create attractive flyers that are automatically distributed and posted to numerous real estate sites. Another program allows me to target hundreds of real estate agents in targeted zip codes. In other words, whatever I believe is appropriate and effective, I have the tools in place and I use them!

Business/Local Networking!

I am a big fan of networking and I'm always connecting with potential buyers or folks who may know a potential buyer, so I am connected to several business and civic organizations. You never know where your buyer is going to come from.  For example, I've found our local chambers to be great way to network. TLC Real Estate is often the only agency that participates in the Self Regional Healthcare Employee Discount Program - which puts me, + your listing, in front of all their employees, including new ones, + gives me an opportunity to personally introduce your listing to 1500+ employees at their annual employee fair. I'm always finding opportunities to connect with small + big businesses here. I'll ask you to Network too- tell friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers that your home in the market. Even if they aren't interested, they may know someone who is. Send them to me! I will take care of your interest and your referrals with TLC.

Social Media Networking

Your Listing gets exposure through Facebook. TLC Real Estate has a business page. I have an additional personal business page - Kristen Andersen, Greenwood Town Lake & Country. I am also a member of Linked-In, professional networking for referrals with links to my website and Your Listing. People find me; they find your listing! I even dabble with Pinterest. I have a special "Spread the Word" program that I will send you via email so YOU can share your beautiful listing with YOUR friends too, with just a couple clicks, whether you prefer Facebook, Linked-In, Pinterest or Google. 

More Marketing

· Real Estate Publications: Print magazines seem to be getting thinner all the time as agents cut back on their marketing expenses. I am maintaining a full TLC page ad in the glossy Real Estate Showcase magazine- especially for its additional online exposure for ALL my listings.

· Mobile Devices: Of course, I include QR codes (Quick Response) & Text Codes wherever I can for each listing! The majority of Americans now have smartphones- a quick smartphone scan or a quick text will bring up your entire listing in a mobile friendly presentation- ALL your details, ALL your pictures & of course, my contact info! Yes - I can 'capture' the lead for follow-up. I put codes on post cards, flyers etc. Both ChangeYourView and GreewnoodTLC wesbites are mobile-friendly.

· Print promos. OK, snail-mailing postcards is old-fashioned and expensive. But, it's also a great way to find out if anyone in your neighborhood might like to bring in a family, friend or co-worker. Sometimes if your home has a unique feature, for example hunting land, I might do a mail-out to properties that are similar to yours, but not necessarily in your neighborhood—because "like minds" know "like minds." I will also do a "Jump Start" program advertising your home in the local Index Journal paper for two consecutive weekends, Fri/Sat/Sun.

· Real Estate Flyers: IF HOME IS OCCUPIED, I'll design attractive and colorful info flyers that you can hand out wherever you want & I'll attach an information box to the For Sale sign so that passers-by can find out details about your home. QR & text coded of course! (This is not an option for vacant homes, as vacant flyer boxes only annoy Buyers.)  For in the home, I'll prepare a detailed Showing Binder so when other agents are showing, they'll have complete information and take-aways for the Buyer.

· Signs TLC signs are easy to see and read w/ the ability to show additional rider information.

· Public Open Houses & Realtor Tours:  We will discuss the merits of these options. A lot has to do with location.  What may a good idea for one, may not be appropriate for another.

· Misc. promos: I am always looking for unique ways to promote my business, my primary website and therefore Your Listing.  Promos range from radio campaigns (don't laugh, I'll sing you my 30 second jingle) and print ads, to community event sponsorship to get the website out there. Funds are tight with my massive marketing plan, but I have managed to commit to a few important win-wins including the Gwd. Soup Kitchen, Greenwood Cancer Fund, the Gwd Humane Society & the annual Lake Greenwood Clean-up Blitz. All helping me to help you while helping them. Cool, huh?  My website has been promoted on all sorts of items-- grocery tapes, prescription bags, t-shirts etc. I'm out there. For you. 

· My marketing is not limited to this plan only and I am always open for new approaches in a challenging market. I believe these commitments, however, match or beat any agent in this area. I am a "Top Producer." Believe me, I will do my best for you. Call me (cell- best reach) 864-494-8815 or (office) 330-5626 and say Hi! 

Already listed w/ someone? How's YOUR exposure?