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Beverly Pardue
Executive Officer

Greater Augusta Association of REALTORS®
1214 Roy Road
Augusta , GA 30909
Office: (706) 736-0429
Fax: (706) 737-9112

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The Augusta Board of Realtors® was founded in 1914 by a group of Real Estate Brokers in an attempt to facilitate good relationships between brokers and the public which they served.  The foundation of the association was the adoption of a code of ethics that promoted the standards of the golden rule - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  To a great extent the necessity of the board of Realtors®  was to promote ethical conduct in the absence of any state licensing laws or agencies.

Another focus of the board of Realtors® was the protection of private property rights.  Too often well intentioned politicians were quick to trample private property rights to facilitate inexpensive solutions to social problems.  Realtors® formed a strong political base of property owners to force compensation of confiscated property rights under the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution.

The original board of Realtors® consisted only of broker-owners and had only a loosely organized relationship on a state or national level.  The national board was dubbed the National Association of Real Estate Boards where the actual members were the boards themselves.  Over the years the boards allowed more participation by the salespersons of the members and eventually dubbed them Realtor® Associates in the mid 1970's.  Subsequently most boards and eventually all boards gave in to the all realtor concept which allowed all salespeople equal voice with their brokers in running their local associations.  Currently the members of the Greater Augusta Board of Realtors® are all members of a strong Georgia Association of Realtors® and an equally strong National Association of Realtors®.

In the 1980's the board added an additional role by acquiring the Augusta Multiple Listing service to provide a service to its members.  This insured a reasonable cost of service and that Augusta's Realtors® would always have the cutting edge technology demanded by its members.  The service has recently been expanded to offer the same service to the public in the form of a public web site.

Augusta has a long tradition of leadership at all levels of the Realtor® families.  Augusta has had numerous Presidents of the Georgia Association of Realtors® and had many members in key positions at the National Association of Realtors®. 

The Greater Augusta Board of Realtors® still today provides its members with a strong voice to represent private property rights and legislation that promotes the interest of the homeowner.  It provides enforcement of a strong code of ethics to promote the professionalism of its members.  It provides education to keep its members abreast of the newest techniques and technologies to keep our members in the forefront of the real estate industry.  It provides quality multiple listing service to our members and to the public at large.